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Gordon Mah Ung, Brad Chacos, and Adam Patrick Murray are joined by AMD’s Frank Azor and Robert Hallock on this episode of The Full Nerd to discuss Ryzen 7 with V-Cache, DDR5 supplies, and whether Ryzen 6000 can compete with Intel’s 12th-gen Alder Lake.

At CES 2022, AMD announced everything from Ryzen 6000 laptop CPUs and V-Cache Ryzen to a new affordable GPU, 200 new AMD-based laptops, and even Zen 4 and AM5 processors. With so much information to process, the Full Nerd team delves into why the Ryzen 7 5800X3D is the only V-Cache chip and if a 16-core Ryzen 9 V-Cache chip makes sense.

AMD also discusses why it was so difficult to get an AMD Ryzen CPU combined with the finest GeForce GPUs last year, and if this will improve this year.

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