Can bilirubin in urine be harmless?

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Can bilirubin in urine be harmless?

In healthy people, bilirubin isn’t present in urine. If your test shows bilirubin present, you may need to undergo blood tests to measure your bilirubin levels and liver function.

In this manner, is it bad to have bilirubin in your urine?

Bilirubin is a product of red blood cell breakdown. Normally, bilirubin is carried in the blood and passes into your liver, where it’s removed and becomes part of bile. Bilirubin in your urine may indicate liver damage or disease. Evidence of infection.

Beside above, what causes false positive bilirubin in urine? Falsepositive results may occur when patients are on large doses of chlorpromazine, and may occur in the presence of metabolites of phenazopyridine. When these compounds are present, the urine becomes red. False-negative bilirubin reagent strip results are often due to testing a specimen that is not fresh.

In this regard, what does it mean to have a small amount of bilirubin in your urine?

A small amount of bilirubin in your blood is normal. Healthy adults make 250 to 350 milligrams (mg) of bilirubin each day. This bilirubin also gives urine its distinctive yellow color. This test is usually done to look for liver problems, such as hepatitis, or blockages, such as gallstones.

Can dehydration cause elevated bilirubin in urine?

Gilbert syndrome is associated with fluctuating levels of bilirubin in the blood (hyperbilirubinemia). Bilirubin levels may increase with stress, strain, dehydration, fasting, infection or exposure to cold. In many individuals, jaundice is only evident when one of these triggers raises the bilirubin levels.

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