Can I paint my curb blue?

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Can I paint my curb blue?

Colored curb zones are painted to indicate parking prohibitions or restrictions. Additional regulations may be posted on signs and apply regardless of curb color. Red, white and blue curb regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week unless otherwise indicated by a sign.

Just so, is it legal to paint the curb?

Painting house numbers on curbs is illegal in some areas of the country. If you have done your homework to find yourself legally able to paint your house number on the curb, paint a number using a stencil, large font and a paint color that can be easily read from a moving vehicle at the farthest side of your street.

Likewise, can I paint the curb in front of my house? Can I paint my curb red to keep people from parking in front of my house? No. Residents are not allowed to paint their own curbs to restrict parking.

Also to know is, what does a painted blue curb mean?

Red: No stopping, standing, or parking. Blue: Parking is permitted only for a disabled person or a driver of a disabled person. Green: Park for a limited time. White: Stop only long enough to pick up or drop off passengers or mail. Blue curbs are reserved for drivers or passengers with disabilities.

Can I paint my curb yellow NJ?

All over the city, the distinctive yellow paint is fading now. The curbs in front of fire hydrants, bus stops and other no-parking zones will not be repainted. The Transit Authority may sometimes get a special permit to paint a curb. “It’s against the law to save parking spaces on a public street,” Kalb said.

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