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Do Golden Frying Pans Still Drop?


What are the chances of getting a golden frying pan?

According to this, admittedly old, chart, the chance to get any australium at all is ~0.39% and the chance to get a pan is 0.0051%..

Why is the golden frying pan so expensive?

It’s that price because that is what traders sell it for. There are less australium eyelanders in existence than they are pans. Extemely rare drop from MvM from a limited map pool and difficulty that drops it. Supply is very little yet demand is ridiculously high, so outcome would be the price is too ridiculously high.

How many golden frying pans exist?

160 Golden Frying PansThere are 160 Golden Frying Pans.

How much is a golden pan worth?

Finally, I used this site to get the value of gold per gram. At the time of writing, the value is £22.95 per gram, and 10.8kg is, of course, 10800 grams, so a golden frying pan would be worth approximately £248,000, or $388,000. For reference, currently lists virtual GFPs as 1000-1200 keys, or $2,200.


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