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Do You Need A Sleeping Bag When Interrailing?


How much money do you need for Interrailing?

We would advise allowing for around 50-100 euros per day, do you have to spend this exact amount every day?


Different factors will come into play, for example, one of the days you may want to do a tour that costs around 15-20 euros, but you still need to allow money for eating, public transport etc.

Are night trains included in interrail?

If you use your Interrail pass for a night train, you only need to use one travel day, for the day the night train departs. Read more about night train rules. A reservation for night train is mandatory and you should do it ASAP for the best accommodation option.

Can you bring a suitcase Interrailing?

Amazingly, perhaps, many people who take trains in Europe don’t have Interrail passes but take luggage with them even though they live in Europe. Proper ways aside, a backpack is generally handier to carry around unless you stuff too much weight in it.

What should I wear Interrailing?

Everyday clothing

Stuff like t-shirts, pants, socks, shorts, jeans, etc. When it comes to deciding how much to bring, the main thing to consider is when and how often you will do laundry during your trip. Read our advice on how many clothes to bring Interrailing.

How do I plan an Interrailing trip?

Below you find a step-by-step guide to prepare an interrail trip!

  • Make a timetable.
  • Brainstorm destinations.
  • Draw a map of Europe.
  • Download the Rail Planner Interrail app.
  • Check the travel times between cities.
  • Find a route.
  • Make train reservations.
  • Book accommodation.

How much does a month of Interrailing cost?

By averaging all basic daily expenses (hostels, transportation, food) during the 25 days, I calculated the Average Basic Daily Budget (ABDB). My Interrail had an ABDB of 50 Euros per day. Note that I didn’t spend 50 Euros every single day of the trip.

Can you use Interrail pass on buses?

Buses included in the Interrail Pass. Only some buses are included in your Interrail Pass.

What does Interrailing mean?

interrail in British English

(ˈɪntəˌreɪl) verb (intransitive) to travel through Europe using an international rail pass, which permits unlimited travel through most European countries via train.

Do interrail trains have wifi?

WIFI during InterRail. You often get free WIFI access in public coffee shops and as well in hostels. At stations you often have to pay.

Should I bring a backpack or suitcase to Europe?

Europe is okay for small suitcases if you’re prepared to carry them up stairs, but better for backpacks and duffel bags. North America is the most accommodating for all luggage preferences. If you’re exploring the U.S. or Canada, pack what you like.

Do you need a passport for Interrailing?

You can use either your passport or ID to get your InterRail pass. You will need whichever document you choose during your trip since conductors can check your ticket and then ask for your passport/ID. You would have to check if all countries you are passing through will accept your ID or if a passport is required.

What shoes should I wear Interrailing?

Generally, three shoes is a good rule to follow: a pair of trainers, dress shoes, and flip flops. If you don’t expect to do any hardcore trekking, Toms or Converse add the perfect element of comfort and style to your travel clothes.

What is Interrailing in Europe?

The Interrail Pass is a paper train ticket that allows you to travel on almost all trains in Europe. With it, you get access to 40 railway and ferry companies in 33 countries.

How much is a Europe Interrail ticket?

The Global InterRail pass 2020

Global InterRail pass prices 2nd class InterRail
7 days in 1 month (flexi) £284 £213
10 days in 2 months (flexi) £340 £255
15 days in 2 months (flexi) £418 £314
15 days continuous £376 £281

7 more rows

Is Interrailing safe?

Travelling across Europe with an Interrail Global Pass is the perfect way to meet fellow travellers and locals in up to 28 countries. Taking night trains can also save you money on overnight accommodation. European rail travel is generally safe but there’s no harm in staying vigilant. As they say, “Safety first!”

What’s the difference between Eurail and InterRail?

Eurail and InterRail are both rail passes, and while they are similar there is one critical difference – who can buy them. Eurail Passes are only for non-European citizens or residents. InterRail Passes are only for European citizens or residents.

Can you use Eurostar with Interrail?

Is the Eurostar included in my Interrail Pass? Yes! If you have a Interrail Global Pass, you can travel on the Eurostar high-speed train connecting London with France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.


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