Does my Emerald Card have a routing number?

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Does my Emerald Card have a routing number?

H&R Block Emerald Card FAQs

Yes! The Emerald Prepaid MasterCard routing number is 101089742. Can I put money on my emerald card at Walmart? You can load your card on Walmart as it is one of the approved reload networks for Emerald Prepaid MasterCard nationwide.

Also asked, what bank is the Emerald card through?

BofI Federal Bank

Additionally, can I use my emerald card for direct deposit? The Emerald Card® is a reloadable prepaid debit card for direct deposit of your tax refund that can be used year round with easy access to your funds. The Card can be used anywhere Debit Mastercard® is accepted.

Accordingly, can you transfer money from an emerald card to a bank account?

Permitted Online and Mobile Banking Transfers:You may also be able to transfer funds from an account at another financial institution and load those funds to your Emerald Card or Emerald Plus Card using the Service by enrolling in Linked Accounts.

What is the pin for my emerald card?

Furthermore, you’ll be requested to create a unique 4-digit personal identification number (PIN). It is this PIN that you’ll be using to access your Emerald Prepaid MasterCard when you want to make purchases, pay bills, withdraw cash from the ATM machine etc.

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