How do Chinese grow spinach?

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How do Chinese grow spinach?

Chinese spinach germinates best in the dark, socover seed well after sowing. Sow the seed 15 mm to 25 mmdeep in rows. Seedlings appear 2-3 weeks after seeds aresown, and can be transplanted out when about 2 cm high andshowing 2-3 true leaves.

Similarly, is Chinese spinach same as spinach?

Spinach is also from the Amaranthacae family, butamaranth and spinach are from different genera – the genusof amaranth is Amaranthus, while the genus of spinach isSpinacia. This vegetable is also called een/en choy or Chinesespinach.

Furthermore, how many days does it take to harvest Chinese kangkong? Harvest the plants before flowering, 1 to 2months after planting. Cut the stems 2 inches above the soil lineso the plant will continue to grow new shoots. Afterthe first cutting, new growth can be cut in 4 to 6 weeks.Kang kong will grow all year long in hot,humid weather.

Similarly one may ask, what is Chinese spinach called?

?;wèngcài) semi-aquatic with hollow stems and long,lance-shaped leaves. Sold as “Ong Choy” or “On Choy” in West CoastNorth American Chinese markets.

How do you grow spinach at home?

Sow the spinach seeds thinly in rows spaced aboutone to 1 1/2 feet apart or simply scatter the seeds in blocks.Cover lightly with soil, firm in place and water well. Keep thesoil moist until germination. Once the plants have a growntheir true leaves, you can begin to thin the plants to about sixinches apart.

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