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How do you calculate yield grade on cattle?

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How do you calculate yield grade on cattle?

Yield grades can be determined by using the following formula: 2.50+(2.5 × adjusted fat thickness in inches)+(0.2 × percent kidney, heart and pelvic fat)+(0.0038 × hot carcass weight)- (0.32 × ribeye area in square inches).

Hereof, what is yield grade cattle?

Yield grade is an estimate of the percent retail yield of the four primal cuts of beef (chuck, rib, loin and round). Yield grade is based on the four traits: hot carcass weight, fat thickness at the 12th rib, percent of kidney, heart and pelvic fat, and ribeye area.

Beside above, how do you calculate meat yield? Carcass Cutting Yield = The percentage of the carcass that ends up as meat. Carcass Cutting Yield = Pounds of Meat / Carcass Weight X 100 • Carcass Cutting Yield = The percentage of the carcass that ends up as meat.

Correspondingly, how does yield grade affect purchasing?

The lower the numerical value of the USDA yield grade, the higher the expected yield of closely trimmed, boneless retail cuts. A yield grade 1 carcass provides the greatest amount of saleable beef while a yield grade 5 is the lowest-yielding carcass.

What is the best yield grade?

The USDA yield grades are rated numerically and are 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Yield Grade 1 denotes the highest yielding carcass and Yield Grade 5, the lowest.

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