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How Do You Contact Valve Directly?


Does steam delete inactive accounts?

Steam lets you to delete accounts that do not have any downloaded games.

If you downloaded any games with your Steam account, Steam will not delete your account.

On the other hand, Steam does not charge account users for inactive use, so you can basically just let your account remain dormant..

How do I change my steam email without verification?

3 AnswersRight-click on the Steam icon in the System Tray and select Settings or press the Settings button in the Steam menu. … Press the Change contact email button.Enter your Steam Account password along with your new email and click Next.Check your new email and click the link sent to you by Steam Support.More items…

Where are the Valve offices?

Bellevue, WashingtonValve’s new headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, consists of 135,500 square feet of office and amenity space spanning 9 contiguous floors for 500+ employees.

How much does a Ubisoft employee make?

Ubisoft Entertainment Inc. Jobs by SalaryJob TitleRangeAverageLevel DesignerRange:$42k – $85k (Estimated *)Average:-Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / ProgrammerRange:$68k – $140k (Estimated *)Average:-Data AnalystRange:$56k – $98k (Estimated *)Average:-Technical ArtistRange:$56k – $95k (Estimated *)Average:-3 more rows•Mar 12, 2021

How do I contact Steam Support? Visit for help with your issue. The Help site will guide you to self-solve the issue or send a help request to the Steam Support team.

Just go to and choose the option for “Help, I can’t sign in.”

How much money does a Valve employee make?

The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at Valve is $114,810, or $55 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $116,521, or $56 per hour.

Step-By-Step InstructionsNavigate to Steam Help ( and log in with your Steam account.After you have logged in, click on A Purchase.Find the purchase you would like to refund and click on it. … Select the problem you are having with the product.Next, click I’d like to request a refund.More items…

What does a valve job consist of?

Answer: A valve job is removing the cylinder head(s) from the engine so the valves, guides and seats can be refurbished to restore compression and oil control. A valve job may be necessary by the time an engine has 80,000 or more miles on it, or to fix a “burned valve,” compression or oil burning problem.

How do you get a job at Valve?

Go in to if I remember correctly, there will be somewhere you can send an application. Thanks! When you click the “apply for a job” button, all it does is give you an email address to send your portfolio and resume to.

Is Valve owned by Microsoft?

Valve was founded in 1996 by former Microsoft employees Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington….Valve Corporation.The lobby of Valve’s former offices in Bellevue, WashingtonFormerlyValve, L.L.C. (1996–2003)TypePrivateIndustryVideo games Digital distribution12 more rows

Can you visit Valve headquarters?

For those currently looking for a tour, is HONESTLY your best bet to schedule a tour outside of knowing someone personal that works at the company. … Inside, its a bunch of offices with a ton of Valve art and stuff around.

How long does it take for Steam Support to respond 2020?

Typically, Steam will respond to a support request within a few hours. If you end up waiting longer, keep that 75,000 requests per day in mind. And that’s the low end.

Does VAC ban IP?

VAC is not known to IP ban. It is highly unlikely that they do IP ban. But we have one user who says he was banned on one account, when making a second account using the same IP it was banned after he was AFK racking up gameplay hours.

Is Valve still making games?

Valve apparently isn’t taking a break from making new games like it did prior to the release of Half-Life: Alyx. “We definitely have games in development that we’re going to be announcing — it’s fun to ship games,” Newell said.

We’re here to help! If you need customer service or technical support regarding Steam or Valve games, visit Steam Support at, where we can most efficiently direct your issue to the attention of the right team.

How do I send a report to Valve?

To report a cheater:Go to the user’s Steam Community profile.Click on the large More button in the upper-right corner of the user’s profile.Click on the “Report Violation” button in this dropdown menu.Select “Suspected Cheater”, add a description (include the game and the name of the cheat if known), and hit “Submit”

Can you email Steam support?

If the support articles aren’t able to help you, you can send a message to Steam support. Most support articles have a link at the bottom of the page that says “Contact Steam Support.” Click that link and send a message describing your problem, including a screenshot or other attachment if necessary.

What happens if you play with a cheater CSGO?

The players queuing with the hacker will get their rank revoked. They only need to win one game to get it back, however.

How long will it take for Steam Support to reply?

Steam Support Stats Updated: April 17, 2021 @ 12:00amRequest CategorySubmitted Last 24 HoursTypical Response TimesAccount Security & Recovery24,6602.41 hours to 13.60 hoursPurchase & Billing Support6,4142.27 hours to 1.00 daysGame & Steam Technical Support4,2261.54 hours to 8.32 days2 more rows


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