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How do you dry a bottle without a rack?

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How do you dry a bottle without a rack?

Bottling day: I take the bottles that were cleaned above, load the bottom rack in the dishwasher with them (upside down), and run it through a speed cycle + heat dry, with no soap. They’re usually dry by the time the heat cycle is done, and then I just take the whole rack out, and set it on the kitchen counter.

Thereof, do you need a bottle drying rack?

Drying racks are definitely not a baby essential. But if you find yourself nodding along to any of the following: You don’t want to dry your baby bottles with your dishes… You want a designated place to dry all the small parts of your baby gear (straws, pump parts, rings) so they don’t get lost…

Similarly, do baby bottles have to be completely dry? For baby bottles that are dry and sterile, it’s hard to beat the convenience of an electric baby bottle dryer. This handy device will dry bottles completely and keep them sterile for up to 24 hours.

Subsequently, question is, how do you dry a bottle quickly?

To absorb moisture (and prevent residue), tightly roll a paper towel and insert it three-fourths of the way into the bottle; the paper towel will absorb the moisture. Leave a bit of towel sticking out at the top so you can pull it out when the bottle is dry.

Do bottles need to be dry after sterilizing?

Any water left inside the bottles after sterilisation is sterile and won’t collect germs so there’s no need to dry. In fact wiping the inside of a bottle after sterilisation could even add germs, so it’s best not to.

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