How Do You Tell Discover You Are Traveling?

Asked By: Malcolm Howard Date: created: Nov 23 2021

Do I need to tell Discover Im traveling

Answered By: Jesse Washington Date: created: Nov 25 2021

You can notify the Discover customer service department of your travel plans by calling them, or by entering the dates of your trip online when you log into your account at In addition, you should be thoughtful when a merchant offers to let you pay in U.S. dollars with your credit card.

Asked By: Andrew Moore Date: created: Nov 25 2020

How do I let my credit card company know I am traveling

Answered By: Horace Carter Date: created: Nov 25 2020

If you’re traveling abroad, don’t forget to set-up a travel alert with your credit card issuer. Because often times they’ll disable your card if they suspect fraudulent activity. You can always call the number on the back of the card to set up a trip notification, but some cards will let you submit an alert online!

Asked By: Jason Scott Date: created: Nov 30 2021

Can discover be used internationally

Answered By: Samuel Stewart Date: created: Nov 30 2021

You can use your U.S. Discover card in many countries abroad to make purchases or withdraw cash. In general terms, you can use your Discover card wherever you see the Discover or Diners Club International symbols displayed. However, in Asia, you can also use your card in outlets which show the Union Pay or JCB sign.

Asked By: Thomas James Date: created: Jul 02 2021

How does discover travel work

Answered By: Stanley Garcia Date: created: Jul 03 2021

Discover it® Miles rewards: The basics

The Discover it® Miles earns 1.5 miles for every dollar spent. Miles are worth 1 cent apiece, giving the card a rewards rate of 1.5%. Miles can be redeemed for cash back or for credit on your statement against a variety of travel purchases.

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