How does a heat convector work?

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How does a heat convector work?

A convector heater works by circulating air through the appliance, across its heating element. The heating element warms the air, which then rises and is replaced by cooler air which then goes through the same process. Convector heaters are much quieter than fan heaters.

Subsequently, one may also ask, do convection heaters use a lot of electricity?

Electricity usage of a Space Heater. Convection space heaters heat up a room by heating up the air, most common convection space heaters will use around 1500 watts. Click calculate to find the energy consumption of a space heater using 1500 Watts for 5 hours a day @ $0.10 per kWh.

Subsequently, question is, where do you put a convection heater? Heater vents do a better job when installed in the floor, although installing them in the ceiling will give you more options in future if you plan on moving your furniture around. Heating vents should ideally be placed in an area where they can provide direct heat to sitting and work areas.

Subsequently, question is, how does a heater warm a room by convection?

Convection currents are created when the air above your radiator heats and then cools and is then heated again. This process happens continuously whilst you have your heating on and the current moves the heat around the room making it nice and warm and toasty.

Are convection heaters good?

Most space heaters are convection heaters, meaning they rely on the circulation of air to heat a room; air is blown over a heating element, and then the warm air circulates through the room. The main benefit to convection heaters is that they are good at heating an entire room for an extended period of time.

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