How does spray plaster work?

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How does spray plaster work?

Elastoplast Spray Plaster is a specially formulated spray that acts like a bandage in a bottle. It’s suitable for minor wounds and cuts in difficult areas like between the fingers and toes. It provides instant protection against dirt and bacteria by sealing up small wounds with a waterproof, invisible, flexible shield.

Correspondingly, how long does spray plaster last?

2. Elastoplast Spray Plaster. Forms a transparent, flexible, breathable film to seal out water, dirt and bacteria. Lasts two days and contains enough for more than 30 applications.

Secondly, how do you use a spray bandage? The liquid bandage should not be placed inside the wound, but on top of the skin, where the cut comes together.

  1. Create a seal by gently bringing the cut together with your fingers.
  2. Apply the liquid bandage over the top of the cut.
  3. Hold the cut together for about a minute to give the adhesive enough time to dry.

Secondly, how do you apply plaster to a wound?

When applying one:

  1. clean and dry the wound and surrounding skin – see How do I clean a wound?
  2. unwrap the plaster and hold it by the protective strips with the pad side facing down.
  3. peel back the strips, but don’t remove them.
  4. place the pad on the wound, pull away the strips, and press the edges of the plaster down.

How do you remove Elastoplast Spray Plaster?

Usually, it is not necessary to remove the Spray Bandage from the skin as the film dissolves after few days. If you want to remove the film earlier, you can use a solvent based on isopropyl alcohol or ethylacetate.

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