How hard is it to dig up a boxwood?

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How hard is it to dig up a boxwood?

Boxwood shrubs have shallow roots, so they are relatively easy to dig or pull up with the correct tools. When the shrub is intended for transplant, use a pointed shovel to dig up the root mass and cleanly sever outer roots with a sharp spade or loppers.

In this regard, how do you dig up boxwoods?

Use a sharp spade to dig out a trench 4-6 inches wide and 8-10 inches deep all around the boxwood. The trench should be no closer than 6-8 inches from the trunk, depending on the plant’s size. Once you’ve dug that, start digging beneath the root ball, until you finally sever its connection to the soil.

Likewise, how deep are box hedge roots? 18 inches

Subsequently, one may also ask, do boxwood bushes have deep roots?

Boxwood do not have deep roots but it is necessary to get a solid ball. A spade with a face approximately 16″ long should be used in order to get the depth of root ball desired on larger plants.

When can I transplant boxwoods?

Then the following year you can dig up the shrub and transplant it, attempting to keep as much of the soil in place as possible. The best time to transplant is either late winter just before spring growth begins, or a couple of months before the ground freezes in early fall.

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