How To Download Medical Certificate For Josaa?

By downloading the application from the JOSSA official website, you will be able to acquire a medical certificate that is required for JOSSA counseling. This is a link that will take you to that page. Download the Answer Key for the JEE Advanced 2021 Exam at

You may make a medical certificate for JOSSA counselling by downloading the form from the official website for JOSSA and bringing it into the counseling session with you. The following is the address of the link that will take you to that page: PDF is the file format that it is in.

How to fill out JosAA 2020 medical certificate format?

  1. In the event that you are unable to locate the medical certificate format on the official website, you need just do a search on Google for ″JoSAA 2020 Medical Certificate Format.″ It is recommended that you select the link that is labeled ″PDF document.″ You need to make an appointment with a physician and get all of the necessary information filled out.
  2. Vision, color blindness, and uniocular vision are among the most significant of these conditions.

Is there any official medical certificate for JosAA JEE Mains?

Candidates are required to fill out proper Medical Certificate Formats for JOSAA JEE Mains before enrolling for counselling rounds. These formats can be found on our website. In addition, you are able to verify Important dates related counselling and the allocation of seats under a variety of different rounds of counselling.

Can a private doctor sign the medical certificate of JosAA?

Is it required for the medical certificate of JoSAA to be signed by a doctor employed by the government, or may we complete this process in a private clinic instead? The form is open to signature from any licensed medical practitioner. You are free to get it signed by any physician, regardless of whether or not he is employed by a private medical practice or the government.

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