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Is Alex Mason Real?

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Is Black Ops 2 still canon?

FYI: BO2 IS STILL canon, confirmed : blackopscoldwar..

Does Frank Woods die?

Menendez tortured Woods, killing his men in front of him, in order to learn what the CIA knew about Menendez. Woods was eventually locked in a container with his dead comrades, and left to die of dehydration and starvation.

Why does Adler kill bell?

The game’s “worst ending” involves Adler killing Bell — something the man intended on doing from the get-go because he knows that Bell’s been brainwashed and just can’t bring himself to trust him.

Why does Alex Mason see numbers?

The numbers are codes that Russians used to communicate with their spies. Historically they really did have “number stations” where they broadcast series of numbers in radio. … Hudson repeats the numbers to Mason over and over throughout the interrogation, hoping he can translate it.

Why does Ghost wear a mask?

On most days, his father brought dangerous animals back and taunted him with them, even going so far to force him to kiss a snake or threaten to kill him with them. When he and his younger brother Tommy got older, Tommy would always wear a skull-mask at night to scare Simon.

Is Nova 6 a real chemical?

Not as it’s represented in the game, no. The real version of “Nova 6” is a Soviet chemical weapon classified as a nerve agent. … The blistering effect you see in game is loosely based on blister agents, of which the WW1 weapon “mustard gas” is the most well-known representative.

Why did Mason see Reznov?

Hudson reveals that Dragovich brainwashed Mason to become a Soviet sleeper agent and assassinate Kennedy. Reznov died during the breakout, and the Soviet defector in Hue was actually killed before Mason reached him. Mason’s visions of Reznov are a result of a dissociative disorder caused by the brainwashing program.

Which BO2 ending is canon?

The story takes place in a very far future, where most of the stuff we know from BO2 become irrelevant. However, Treyarch established in their Black Ops timeline summary video that Menendez was killed, not captured, so any ending involving Menendez being killed at the end is the canon ending.

Is Alex Mason alive?

In the other ending, Mason survives being shot. He is now 93 at this point, going to surprise Woods with a visit. It is also at this point Mason is reunited with his son, who he has not seen for about 40 years. While it is unknown what Mason was doing during this gap of time, it is nice to see him alive and well.

How did Alex Mason die?

In 1989 during Operation Just Cause, Mason was killed (or wounded) accidentally by Woods, assuming he was narco-terrorist Raul Menendez. If Mason lives, he will return to visit Woods at age 92 in 2025.

Is Alex Mason’s death canon?

Is Alex Mason’s death canon? Mason is Canon so the Cordis Die ending must also be canon.

Does Bell always die in cold war?

If Bell has established contact with the Soviet Army beforehand, they will trick the team into a trap and kill them with the help of Perseus and the Soviet Union Army before they activate the nukes. If Bell refuses to kill the team, Bell is executed by Adler but the nukes will still go off.

How do you keep Alex Mason alive?

If you shoot him in the leg he will survive and will later show up in the ending of your game. If you do it right his face will have some splatter on it but not fully blood as it would be from a headshot.

Where did Alex Mason go?

Mason was transported to a Soviet labor camp at Vorkuta, Russia. There, Dragovich had Friedrich Steiner and Lev Kravchenko brainwash Mason.

What is the canon ending of GTA 5?

At the end of GTA 5, antagonists Steve Haines and Devin Weston ask Franklin to kill Trevor and to kill Michael. … This clearly references the final scene of ending C, when the three protagonists push Devin Weston off a cliff in the trunk of his black car.

Is Lev Kravchenko real?

Leonid ”Lev” Viktorovich Kravchenko (20 March 1922 – 5 September 1986) was a Colonel of the Soviet Union’s Soviet Airborne Troops and was the right-hand man of General Nikita Dragovich during the Cold War, later commanding Russian troops in the Soviet-Afghan War.

Is Alex Mason in modern warfare?

For the character from the Black Ops series, see Alex Mason. … “Alex” is a character featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and one of its three playable protagonists.

Does Viktor Reznov die?

Reznov fought alongside Mason, but went missing during the American incursion into Laos. … During Mason’s interrogation, Hudson revealed that the real Viktor Reznov was dead for five years, having been killed in the escape from Vorkuta.

Why did Woods call himself an onion?

After Mason mocks him for being “an expert in quiet,” Woods replies quickly by saying he’s “a goddamn onion, Mason,” which thoroughly confused the community since it doesn’t really fit with the character’s iconic badass personality.

Is Viktor Reznov a bad guy?

Viktor Reznov was a Russian Red Army Sargent during World War II. He was never a bad guy and was always good intentioned during both WWII and the Cold War, which was why he was eventually put in a Soviet prison camp. … He made it out though but was eventually killed at the age of 50 in 1963.

Why did dragovich betray Reznov?

He considered the brainwashing of Alex Mason a failure and decided to let Mason rot in Vorkuta, but Reznov who was also an inmate of Vorkuta used his friendship with Mason to sabotage the brainwashing by implanting new targets to kill: Dragovich, Kravchenko and Steiner in revenge for betraying him and killing Petrenko.


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