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Is Amazon a Sony authorized retailer?

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Is Amazon a Sony authorized retailer?

Please know that is a SonyAuthorized Retailer, but it is important to note that not allthird party retailers of Sony products listed on marketplace are authorized. ToshifumiOkuda Deputy President Sony Electronics Inc.

Simply so, what does authorized retailer mean?

A retailer or manufacturer who isauthorized to sell directly to the consumer and in order tobecome an authorized retailer you will need to be appointedby the manufacturer or distributor. An example of an authorizedretailer is someone who will sell a brand of mobile phones intheir store.

Beside above, is Abe’s of Maine an authorized Nikon dealer? Abe’s of Maine is NOT an authorizeddealer! Abe’s of Maine is NOT an authorizeddealer! I bought the 10.5 DX Fish-eye from them via the web,then got an email to call and confirm – which is what the up-sellcompanies are known to do.

Considering this, is Buydig an authorized Sony dealer?

Buydig is an AuthorizedDealerHave the full support of the manufacturer and will helpyou if your merchandise is defective. Buys directly frommanufacturers and stocks the products you are looking to purchasein its own warehouse.

Who are Authorised dealers?

An authorized forex dealer is a type of financialinstitution that has received authorization from a relevantregulatory body to act as a dealer involved with the tradingof foreign currencies. Dealing with authorized forex dealersensures that your transactions are being executed in a legal andjust way.

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