Is Best Buy an Apple Authorized Service Provider?

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Is Best Buy an Apple Authorized Service Provider?

No matter where you purchased your iPhone, you can counton Best Buy for help when you need repairs. As afull-service Apple Authorized Service Provider, we use onlygenuine service parts that come directly from Apple.iPhone repair costs will be the same as at an Applestore.

Hereof, is Geek Squad an Apple Authorized Service Provider?

We’re your place for Apple authorized service andrepairs.Our Geek Squad® Agents areApple-trained, so you can trust us with all yourApple devices at a Best Buy store nearyou.

Beside above, can I get AppleCare If I buy somewhere else? You can view the price of AppleCare plansusing the steps above before you purchase. AppleCareProtection Plan can be purchased within 1 year of your Macpurchase where available. If you still need helpbuying an AppleCare plan, contact AppleSupport.

Likewise, who is an Apple Authorized Service Provider?

Apple Authorized Service Provider Program. TheApple Service Provider program is designed for companiesinterested in offering service to Apple customers,whether they are consumers, businesses, educational institutions orgovernment organizations.

Does Best Buy have a Genius Bar?

Best Buy has partnered with Apple to become anauthorized service provider, in addition to creating what isessentially a mini Apple Store within Best Buy locations.Best Buy also has its own equivalent to the GeniusBar, called the Geek Squad, which can service both Apple andnon-Apple products.

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