Is Landmark a cineplex?

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Is Landmark a cineplex?


Similarly one may ask, does landmark accept Cineplex giftcards?

NOTE: Vouchers (e.g. Costco, AMA, BCAA, Calgary CO-OP), Landmark Cinemas Movie 10-Pack card and Landmark Cinemas gift cards are always accepted for any movie.

Also, how much is a movie at Landmark?

Tickets Regular Price + Taxes CAA Member Price + Taxes
Single: One Adult Ticket $10.99 $8.50
Adult Combo: 2 Adult Tickets, 2 regular soft drinks, 2 regular popcorn. $40.64 $31.00
Child Combo (3-13 yrs): 1 Child Ticket, Snack Pack: popcorn, drink and candy treat. $15.06 $12.50

Similarly, can you use scene card at Landmark Cinemas?

Maximum daily points are 600. SCENE®points can only be redeemed at participating Cineplex Entertainment theatres or online at or for other points offers (or rewards). Some conditions apply.

Can you bring food into landmark cinema?

Outside food and beverages, with the exception of one sealed, 16.9 oz bottle of water per patron, are prohibited. Exceptions may be made for patrons with disabilities. If you have any questions about this or any other policy, please contact the Landmark Theatre at 315-475-7979.

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