Is little alcohol good for health?

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Is little alcohol good for health?

Scientists have long touted the heart benefits of drinking small amounts of alcohol. Newer studies have credited moderate drinking with everything from helping to keep our minds sharp as we age to lowering our risk of developing diabetes. Drinking alcohol can be good for your health, but it can also be harmful.

In this regard, is a little bit of alcohol good for you?

Moderate alcohol consumption may provide some health benefits, such as: Reducing your risk of developing and dying of heart disease. Possibly reducing your risk of ischemic stroke (when the arteries to your brain become narrowed or blocked, causing severely reduced blood flow) Possibly reducing your risk of diabetes.

Likewise, how much alcohol is safe? Research suggests men (and women) who consume one or two alcoholic drinks per day have a lower death rate from coronary heart disease than abstainers. The recommended safe intake for men is no more than three units of alcohol a day, or 21 units per week.

Keeping this in consideration, what is the healthiest alcohol?

  • Tequila and Mezcal (tied): “Quality tequila (made from 100-percent agave) comes in at my top pick for the healthiest hard liquor,” Friedman says.
  • Brandy: “Brandy contains vitamin C and heart-healthy antioxidants,” Friedman says.

Which alcohol is least harmful?

If you’re looking to be healthier while drinking alcohol occasionally, these are the healthiest alcohols you can choose from.

  1. Tequila. Shutterstock/Maria Uspenskaya Tequila has numerous health benefits (and is lower in calories than Smirnoff vodka).
  2. Red Wine.
  3. Rum.
  4. Whiskey.
  5. Rosé
  6. Champagne.
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