Is the boon lawn worth it?

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Is the boon lawn worth it?

But if the idea of a dedicated spot to dry your baby’s bottles, rings, nipples, and, later, sippy cup parts, is appealing, it’s worth considering the Boon Lawn. It’s relatively more pricy compared to other bottle drying racks, but the few-dollar difference is worth the versatility, ease of use, and longevity.

Also, how do you get rid of mold on boon grass?

Actually, I’d never bother with the boiling water or using alcohol unless you’re just periodically spraying it down to prevent mold, mildew, etc. If you don’t have a dishwasher just soak it down with some soapy water and scrub what you can. For powered-on scum, soak the unit in a pot or something to release the hold.

One may also ask, can boon drying rack go in dishwasher? Not Dishwasher-safe. Wash thoroughly before initial use and periodically. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.

Moreover, what is boon grass?

From bottles to pacifiers, Boon GRASS Countertop Drying Rack holds all your baby accessories as they air dry on the flexible blades that resemble real grass. Water drains into the lower tray, where it’s completely contained. And it’s got a sweet, natural presence, like a meadow full of baby deer. And without the deer.

How do you clean a boon lawn?

The Boon websites says the Lawn should be hand-washed with warm soapy water, but I, like most busy new-parent reviewers, put the product in the dishwasher with no problems. Occasionally you may want to scrub any nooks and crannies by hand with regular dish soap or vinegar and a small dish brush, but that’s about it.

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