Is there a football game on Christmas Day?

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Is there a football game on Christmas Day?

Two games were played each Christmas Dayfrom 2004 to 2006 and then from 2016 to 2017. In recent years, theNFL has scheduled games on Christmas Day only if itfalls on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

In this way, what football teams are playing on Christmas Day?

Here are the results of NFL games played onChristmas:

  • 1971 – Dallas Cowboys 20, MINNESOTA VIKINGS 12 #
  • 1971 – Miami Dolphins 27, KANSAS CITY CHIEFS, 24 (2 OT)#
  • 1989 – MINNESOTA VIKINGS 29, Cincinnati Bengals 21.
  • 1993 – Houston Oilers 10, SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS 7.
  • 1994 – MIAMI DOLPHINS 27, Detroit Lions 20.

Beside above, are there NFL games on Saturdays? Saturday NFL games in December have been part ofthe league’s schedule since 1952. In fact, the 2018 season marks47th time in the last 48 years that the NFL has put at leastone Saturday game on the regular season schedule. But from’72 on, the league limited Saturday games to December andJanuary.

Then, do the Steelers play on Christmas Day?

Instead of playing on Dec. 23 or evenChristmas Eve, the league scheduled the Steelers fora 4:30 p.m. game on a Monday, one of only two games to beplayed on the holiday. After opening with the Browns, theSteelers play at Baltimore Oct. 1 and against Cincinati athome Oct. 22.

Has the 2019 NFL schedule been released?

The 2019 NFL schedule will be released at8:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 17 on the NFLNetwork.

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