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Meta encourages you to feel secure when you use its services. On Friday, Facebook introduced the Privacy Center, a one-stop-shop for users to learn about the company’s privacy policies across its platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, as well as how to utilize the privacy tools it provides.

The Privacy Center is divided into five sections: security, sharing, data collecting, data usage, and advertisements, each with its own set of instructions and controls. For select users, Privacy Center is already accessible on Facebook’s desktop version, with a larger deployment across Meta’s applications and technologies coming shortly.

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“Over the years, we’ve established a variety of privacy and security controls across our applications and technologies,” Meta said in a blog post on Jan. 7. “Our objective is for Privacy Center to act as a center for those controls and privacy education.”

On the desktop version of Facebook, those with access to the Privacy Center may discover it by navigating to Settings, then clicking on Privacy.

Meta has always had privacy and security difficulties and has spent most of the past year fighting to regain users’ confidence in the face of growing criticism. Facebook said in September that it has invested billions of dollars to battle disinformation and improve its security and safety. The firm changed to Meta the next month in an attempt to concentrate its efforts while stressing its conviction in virtual reality’s future development.

In the past, the social network has released tools to make the platform’s privacy settings more accessible. Facebook’s settings menu was revamped in 2018 and a privacy shortcuts menu was included. The privacy center revealed on Friday, according to a Meta representative, is a different product.

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