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Following a large reaction, Mozilla has reversed its policy on accepting bitcoin contributions.

The browser creator, which operates as a charity, recently reminded users that they may give any extra or unwanted bitcoin to assist with its operating expenses.

However, this sparked a frenzied discussion regarding cryptocurrencies’ environmental and socioeconomic implications, with Mozilla now pledging to “take action,” especially in light of its climate ambitions.

Backlash against cryptocurrency

“We reminded people last week on Twitter that Mozilla welcomes bitcoin contributions. This sparked a heated debate on cryptocurrency’s environmental effect. “We’re listening and responding,” Mozilla’s official account tweeted.

“We continue to be interested in decentralized web technologies, but a lot has happened since we began collecting bitcoin contributions.” As a result, we’re beginning today to see whether and how our present crypto contribution strategy aligns with our climate aims. We’ll also temporarily disable the option to give cryptocurrencies while we complete our investigation.”

“In the spirit of open-source,” the business continued, “this will be a transparent process, and we’ll publish frequent updates.” “We’re excited to have this discussion and thank our community for bringing it to our notice.”

The original warning sparked outrage online, including a response from Mozilla co-founder Jamie Zawinski, who criticized the firm.

“Everyone participating in the project should be witheringly embarrassed by this choice to cooperate with planet-incinerating Ponzi grifters,” Zawinski said, claiming that Mozilla is “meant to be better than this.”

Mozilla first took cryptocurrency payments in 2014, when it opened its wallet to Bitcoin. Since then, the firm has expanded to take Ethereum and even Dogecoin, thanks to a collaboration with the donation platform BitPay.

Zawinski subsequently expressed his gratitude for “any role I played in convincing them to reverse that dreadful choice” in a personal blog post in response to Mozilla’s reversal.

“Cryptocurrencies are not only a catastrophic ecological catastrophe and a greater-fool pyramid scam, but they are also very poisonous to the open web,” he continued. “So I’m hoping that when they’ve “conducted their assessment,” they’ll come to the obvious conclusion: “Bury it in the desert.” “Put on your gloves.”


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