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Question: Can I Keep Chickens If I Have A Dog?


Will my dog protect my chickens?

A dog can be either the most dangerous predator or the best protection that your chickens will have.

With proper training, your puppy can become a reliable chicken guardian.

But both dogs and chickens are territorial, and you can teach a dog to ignore the chickens while guarding their common territory..

There are also regulations and ordinances about killing a healthy animal, so it is illegal to kill your pet for no reason. If you can no longer care for your sick pet or afford their medical needs, you can surrender them to a shelter at no cost to you and with no legal penalties.

Is dog poop bad for chickens?

One of the top concerns of bird to dog transfer is salmonella. These bacteria are shed in the feces, so a dog that has access to the chicken coop may be more susceptible. Keep the coop and run area closed to the dog, even if birds are out ranging. Coccidiosis, while present in both birds and dogs, is species specific.

How do I get my dog used to my chickens?

If you are raising chicks inside your home, rather than in a coop, introduce the chicks slowly to your dogs. Leash your dog and command him or her to sit. Crouch and bring the chick in your hands carefully toward your dog. Let the dog sniff and see the connection between your presence and the chick.

What dogs dont kill chickens?

Here are the ten breeds of dogs that won’t harm your chickensOld English Sheepdog. This breed of dog is recognized as a livestock guard dog, and they have low prey drive. … Maremma Sheepdog. … Akbash. … Pyrenean Mastiff. … Komondor. … Anatolian Shepherd. … Kuvasz. … Kangal.More items…•Jul 17, 2019

How do I stop my dog from killing my chickens?

Slowly reduce the use of treats and praise until he drops every time without the lure of food. Put him on a leash and slowly take him towards the chickens. Praise him and give him physical attention for as long he remains passive on the way to towards the chickens.

Can dogs protect chickens from hawks?

The Maremma Sheepdog is another very popular livestock guardian dog known for being territorial and good at protecting chickens from both ground and air predators such as hawks, vultures, owls, and eagles which is particularly important when it is time for eggs to start hatching.

What dogs get along with chickens?

8 Dog Breeds That Get Along with ChickensAnatolian Shepherd.Japanese Chin.Old English Sheepdog.Great Pyrenees.Maremma Sheepdog.Akbash.Kuvasz.Bichon Frise.Dec 8, 2020

Can a dog be trained not to kill chickens?

You can use your choice of commands as you train your dog to stop killing chickens, but no matter which command you decide to use, be sure you use the same one every time. … While puppies tend to learn more quickly, with patience, you can teach any age dog to stop killing chickens or any other animal.

What is the best animal to protect chickens?

There are a handful of animals that will protect your hens, including:Dogs.Rooster.Guinea Fowl.Alpaca.Donkey.Jul 30, 2019

Will my dog kill chickens?

Most dogs are not trying to kill your birds. They simply want to chase, but even chasing can be fatal, because chickens often break their necks trying to get away, or die of heart attacks if they have no where safe to escape. … And remember, even a very small dog can scare, hurt, or even kill your chickens.

Can chickens make dogs sick?

YES! Dogs can get Salmonella infection from chickens and other animals carrying the bacteria, by exposure to contaminated excretions (mostly poop!) or by eating contaminated meat.

What happens if my dog kills a chickens?

If your dog is the one killing another person’s chickens, you may face legal consequences. As your dog’s owner, if they kill someone else’s animal, you’re financially and legally responsible. Not to mention, many ranchers or farmers are understandably protective of their livestock, and your dog may be hurt or killed.

What dog is best for protecting chickens?

Some of the best dogs for guarding chickens are:Great Pyrenees.Maremma Sheepdog.Akbash.Kuvasz.Komondor.Polish Tatra Sheepdog.Anatolian Shepherd.Kangal. X Research source

What animals can live with chickens?

Other Fowl to Keep With ChickensDucks. Chickens and ducks get along well. … Geese. Chickens and geese get along in the fields where there is plenty of room. … Turkeys. Like other fowl, turkeys and chickens can roam in the yard together. … Guinea Fowl. … Cats. … Dogs. … Other Pets. … Rabbits.More items…•Oct 2, 2020


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