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Question: How Can I Stop Being Hardstuck?


Is Silver good lol?

Are you stuck in Bronze, Silver or Gold in League of Legends.

It’s not all bad though: With over half of the game’s population ranked in Silver 3 or lower, if you’re ranked Silver 2, you’re better than the majority of League players.

But of course, much like any other sport or game, practice makes perfect..

How do you climb ELO?

Tips for Climbing Elo – Approaching improvement and helpful things to understandTip 1: Be realistic about your goal and time available for improvement. … Tip 2: Pick good, strong champions. … Tip 3: Play with a sense of urgency (to destroy the nexus) … Tip 4: Use learning resources outside the game, but with a purpose.More items…

What does it mean to be Hardstuck?

Hardstuck just means you’ve been stuck at a certain rank for a long time. I know a lot of people who are hardstuck D5 who have spent hundreds of games there without ever really making any progress.

Is it hard to get gold LOL?

It won’t be hard to get gold, honestly. I don’t consider myself that good at this game and I easily get into gold every season just for the rewards and then don’t play ranked anymore. … I started in bronze this season, which is my first, and made it to gold last week. You can’t expect much of a climb on 14 ranked games.

Why am I stuck in Silver League of Legends?

1 They Play Only To Win Playing just for the win is the way to go for those who want to be hard stuck in silver for the next ten years. Instead, players should be playing to learn and improve. They should not worry so much about winning. If they win more than they lose, they will eventually climb as they play.

What is Hardstuck LOL?

permanently unable to moveI have used the word hardstuck to mean “permanently unable to move”. It is a more intense version of stuck, since stuck can sometimes mean “temporarily unable to move” or “unable to move without extended effort”.

What is sivir passive?

Sivir leads her allies in battle, granting them a surge Move Speed for a period of time. Additionally passively grants Sivir bonus Attack Speed while Ricochet is active.

Is Gold 4 Good LOL?

Whilst Gold 4 seems to be ~55%, so not strictly speaking “above average”, you can probably consider it an “above average” rank because most unranked players would place in Silver/Bronze by default.

How do I stop being Hardstuck?

Top 10 Ways to Stop Being HardstuckHardstuck [Insert Division Here]? Every season, players push as hard as they can to ascend to the next division. … Continuously Learn. … Keep Up with the Meta. … Solo Queue. … Spam Games. … Ignore Bad Luck. … Avoid Tilt. … Prioritize Objectives Over KDA.More items…•Sep 13, 2018

How many games is considered Hardstuck?

If you’re just goofing off and spamming games nonstop with very little honest reviewage of yourself, then you’re going to be hardstuck regardless of amounts of games you play, whether that’s 5 or 5000 games.


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