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Question: What To Do If You Get Scammed On G2A?


Is it safe to buy Windows 10 from G2A?

So to answer your question, yes they are legit.

Sellers with a good withstanding history of sales in the past are the sellers that can sell Microsoft products on the marketplace..

Why can’t I buy anything on G2A?

When a transaction is declined by one of the entities taking part in the process —G2A.COM, bank or other — it is usually due to security reasons. G2A.COM uses an advanced security system, which automatically rejects transactions if it detects anything suspicious. Reasons behind the decline are different in each case.

Is G2A pay safe?

Overall: Securely pay on G2A. Pros: It’s a very easy to use payment platform that allows you to safely pay and withdraw funds from G2A.

How long do G2A codes last?

It only means, that after the purchase you have one month to activate the key before it becomes irredeemable. Once you *do* activate it, the game stays yours until the end of human civilisation. In other words, the keys have expiration date, but the games don’t.

Why is G2A bad?

The most obvious reason G2A is worse for you as a consumer is that it is a risk. You could very well purchase a key from G2A and not have it work, which then leaves you without the cash and no key. Maybe you do get a legitimate key. The service is much worse than approved retailers most of the time too.

Why is G2A so cheap?

So the keys on G2A are cheap for a really simple reason – G2A is a marketplace with more than 450,000 sellers. … On top of that – many of the sellers on G2A are wholesalers. They buy their keys in bulk from developers and publishers, and therefore can then sell them for a much lower price.

Is buying from G2A illegal?

Yes, G2A is legit. A game developer cannot dictate where you can buy its products, and there is nothing illegal about buying a game key for less than the retail price. … Although a developer can’t control where its keys are sold, the developer does have the right to revoke fraudulent keys.

Can you refund CD keys?

We do our best to provide a refund where possible, but please note that games that have been played or keys that have been redeemed are ineligible for a refund. Refund requests have to be submitted within 7 days of the delivery of the key by the Vendor to the Purchaser or Customer.

How do you sell games on G2A?

You can easily create new offers via your G2A account. To do so, log in to G2A.COM, click on “My Account” and then “Sell item.” Alternatively, you can simply click the “Start selling now” button in the upper right corner on G2A Marketplace’s main page.

How do I cancel my G2A Plus subscription?

Log in to your account on G2A.COM, go to your dashboard and open the “G2A Plus tab” tab. You’ll find it in the “My Account” section. Next, click on “Deactivate your subscription”. You’ll see a pop-up where all you have to do is click “Cancel membership”.

Do Steam keys work for removed Games?

In general, games no longer available to buy on steam can still be played, if you bought it before it was removed from Steam, so it definitely is still there. However, whether you can activate a key for a game no longer in the store is basically a lottery. Some games you can activate, others you cannot.

3) Alternatively, you can send an e-mail with an explanation of your issue directly to A unique ticket will be automatically created for you.

How long does it take G2A to refund?

This refund will take between 3 to 5 working days, depending mostly on your bank’s policy.

What if G2A key doesn’t work?

If the key can be activated in your country according to the product page on G2A, but it still doesn’t work, contact the seller of your key and let him know about the problem.

How do I cancel a transaction on G2A?

If you are sure that you did not pay for your order yet and no money was charged on your account then you can go to your Orders history tab and mark it as cancelled. If you want to cancel an order that has not been paid yet, you can also just leave it unpaid without any consequences.

Is G2A legit for shark cards?

G2A is a really shady business, so there is a risk involved (most things on there are bought with stolen credit cards).

Is G2A legit 2020?

Is G2A Legit? Strictly speaking, G2a is legit yes. Whether the sellers that use the platform are legit, is another question entirely. Basically, G2a has no real way of monitoring what the sellers sell and where they get the games from.

Can u get a refund on G2A?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Steam’s Refund Policy applies only to games bought on Steam Store and not to keys purchased on G2A.COM. … If you purchased the wrong product, the seller may not be able to give you a refund on G2A.COM since the key has been redeemed and cannot be used again.

Does G2A money back guarantee work?

If a digital item purchased on G2A.COM is not as described, doesn’t work or has been removed from an account, its buyer is entitled to a refund in our Money Back Guarantee (MBG) program. MBG ensures a safe and secure way to do shopping on G2A.COM Marketplace, providing a better business environment.

Can you refund activated Steam games?

You can request a refund for nearly any purchase on Steam—for any reason. Valve will, upon request via, issue a refund for any reason, if the request is made within the required return period, and, in the case of games, if the title has been played for less than two hours. …

Does G2A steal credit cards?

G2A won’t steal your credit card info they just sell games that have been bought with stolen credit cards. … G2A uses Skrill for some credit cards, which should be safe to use as a small buyer and I never had a problem with it. I never had experience of using my credit card directly on G2A.


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