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Quick Answer: How Long Do You Have To Wait For Toriel To Come Back?


Does Toriel appear again?

She can be killed or spared; if spared, Toriel lets the protagonist go, but tells them not to come back.

For information on her ending, see Neutral Route#Toriel Ending Tree..

Why does asriel try to kill you?

Why was Asriel trying to kill Frisk who he thought was his long lost friend Chara? Because Asriel has gone insane from boredom from his years as an emotionally damaged immortal eternally reincarnating flower, and now equates murdering people to engaging in playful childish antics.

What happens if you go back after sparing Toriel?

What happens if you go back to the ruins Undertale? 3 Answers. You can’t return to the ruins once you have left. The only exception is after the final battle of the true pacifist run.

What happens if you only kill Jerry?

Contrary to popular belief, killing Jerry accrues EXP and is considered a kill by the game, causing a True Pacifist Route attempt to fail.

What happens if you name the fallen human Chara?

Nothing special happens when you name the fallen human Chara: it just tells you “the true name.” … So, naming the fallen human Chara changes nothing. Naming them Frisk activates hard mode, and from there it doesn’t matter which route you take, because the game ends after the Ruins in hard mode.

Can you go back to the ruins Undertale?

You can’t return to the ruins once you have left. The only exception is after the final battle of the true pacifist run. Unfortunately, this means there is no way to get Spider Donuts or Cider to skip the Muffet fight without paying 9999g.

What happens if you stay with Toriel?

Well,you acttualy can stay with Toriel,but you can’t continue your adventure,if you want to stay with Toriel,you must done your adventure. Technically you can, but it won’t progress the story. If your talking about Toriel coming WITH you, then no.

Does Toriel ever pick up the phone?

Game Elements Toriel’s phone is a cell phone that the protagonist acquires from Toriel once they start to go through the Ruins alone. … After the protagonist leaves the Ruins, Toriel does not answer the phone until the epilogue of the True Pacifist Route.

Does Toriel know Flowey is Asriel?

Nope. They knew once, when Flowey first learned how to reset. He woke up in the flower garden and Asgore found him.

Why is Flowey scared of Chara?

Flowey probably thought Chara would see him and be proud that he adopted Chara’s ideals. Flowey was scared, because he realized he wasn’t exempt from Chara’s genocide, he finally saw the terrible reality he was in, right in front of an genocidal mass murderer.

Should I kill Toriel?

Toriel has four attacks, although the fight is rigged so that if you’re in danger of dying the attacks will avoid hitting you – the only way to lose is to deliberately run into them. Keep opting to Spare her – never attack – and eventually she’ll give up the fight.

What happens if you kill everyone but Undyne?

If you spare an enemy between Undyne the Undying and Mettaton NEO, you get the Alphys ending. Instead of Sans calling you, he passes the phone to Alphys, who has become queen.

Does Sans like Toriel?

Toriel. Toriel and Sans share a love of bad jokes and are friends even though they never see each other face-to-face until the epilogue, the Family Ending, or the Exiled Queen Ending.

Why does SANS only have 1 hp?

Sans has more than 1 HP! As you know if you check sans in his battle it says that he has 1 HP and because he can dodge it makes him strong. But in the hotel in Snowdin if you talk to the baby bunny he saids that sleeping can make your HP Go higher than your Max HP.

Would Sans have killed Frisk?

Even with all his friends dead, his world on the brink of being erased, Sans just can’t outlast Frisk. Therefor, cannot kill Frisk. … Because of Frisk’s ability to just respawn after they die they can keep coming and trying again and again. TL;DR- No, Sans can’t.

Does sans care about Frisk?

Throughout this journey, Sans has shown he cares about Frisk. He might be indifferent about a lot of the events in the world around him – especially at first – but by bonding with Frisk (in the Pacifist Route especially), he starts to care again. He learns to live with hope rather than simply giving up.

Where does Toriel go after you spare her?

Toriel is gone from her house in the RUINS after the player spares her, but don’t worry: she’s still around and you’re still on speaking terms — she’s just all the way back at the entrance, tending the flowers …

Why is Flowey so evil?

Flowey about Sans. … After Alphys resurrects him without a SOUL as Flowey, Asriel becomes incapable of feeling love or empathy, which in turn causes him to become resentful, twisted, and evil.

What happens if you kill everyone but Toriel?

In terms of the ending, you get a really dark neutral ending. After exiting the ruins, if you killed everyone but Toriel, Flowey calls you a selfish brat and reminds you that the monsters had families and that each one of them could have been “someone else’s Toriel.”

Is Chara evil Undertale?

The real thing that goes to show that Chara is evil is their relationship with Asriel/Flowey. Asriel was never comfortable with Chara’s plan, to the point that he cried at the thought of having to hurt or kill anyone.

How do you summon Chara in real life?

How to Summon Chara: At 12:00am when everyone is asleep in your house go and get a chocolate bar and lay down on your bed and put the chocolate to your heart and chant Chara three times then you’ll hear,”Where’s the Knives!”


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