Quick Answer: Is Discover Card Widely Accepted In Europe?

Asked By: Fred Long Date: created: Jun 29 2021

What countries accept Discover Card

Answered By: John Perez Date: created: Jul 01 2021

Discover is accepted in 185 countries and territories internationally. That includes India, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Puerto Rico, the United Arab Emirates and most other popular destinations for American business and vacation travelers.

Asked By: Bernard Bailey Date: created: Aug 24 2021

Is Discover card widely accepted

Answered By: Timothy Bryant Date: created: Aug 25 2021

Discover. In the U.S., Discover is also widely accepted nearly everywhere that takes credit cards, but AmEx has a slight advantage. According to data from the February 2019 Nilson Report industry newsletter, Discover is accepted by 96% of U.S. merchants.

Asked By: Jeffery Perry Date: created: Feb 22 2021

What credit cards are accepted in Europe

Answered By: Sean Martin Date: created: Feb 23 2021

American credit cards work throughout Europe (at hotels, larger shops and restaurants, travel agencies, car-rental agencies, and so on); Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted. American Express is less common, and the Discover card is unknown in Europe.

Asked By: Geoffrey Hughes Date: created: Mar 27 2021

Is Discover card widely accepted in the UK

Answered By: Chase Ramirez Date: created: Mar 30 2021

Mastercard and Visa are universally accepted.

But in the UK, you’ll find that American Express is popular, while Discover cards are only accepted in the large cities and business chains, such as supermarkets.

Asked By: Alfred Lee Date: created: Nov 08 2021

Does Discover Card have foreign transaction fee

Answered By: Gilbert Carter Date: created: Nov 11 2021

The Discover foreign transaction fee is 0%, or $0, on all cards. That means any Discover credit card you apply for now will have no foreign transaction fee, and you won’t be charged extra for making purchases that are processed internationally.

Asked By: Gavin Stewart Date: created: Dec 26 2021

Does Amazon accept Discover Card

Answered By: Nathan Perry Date: created: Dec 29 2021

Amazon Pay accepts credit and debit cards and transfers from your available Amazon Pay account balance. Credit cards currently accepted include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB. An Amazon.com store card is available for use with selected merchants.

Asked By: Gabriel Lee Date: created: Sep 10 2021

Does Mcdonalds accept Discover

Answered By: Thomas Jackson Date: created: Sep 12 2021

McDonald’s Accepts Credit Cards. Plastic is now on the menu at McDonald’s as credit and debit cards are to be accepted in about 6,000 restaurants by year-end. The QSR has signed agreements with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Currently McDonald’s has no plans to launch co-branded credit or debit cards.

Asked By: Miguel Simmons Date: created: Nov 30 2021

Why isn’t Amex accepted everywhere

Answered By: Morgan Peterson Date: created: Dec 02 2021

All credit card issuers charge a fee, but not all issuers charge the same fee. Because of this set up, merchants can choose which credit cards they want to accept. The different fees often make or break a deal for a merchant. This is why many merchants, especially small businesses, don’t accept American Express.

Asked By: Connor Lee Date: created: Feb 26 2021

Why is discover not accepted everywhere

Answered By: Jonathan Patterson Date: created: Mar 01 2021

Why isn’t Discover as widely accepted as Visa or Mastercard? There’s about one-seventh the number of Discover cards as Visa cards, so merchants may not have as much of an incentive to accept them. Discover sometimes charges merchants more for card acceptance than either Visa or Mastercard.

Asked By: Samuel Morris Date: created: Mar 28 2021

Is it cheaper to use credit card abroad or cash

Answered By: Cameron Washington Date: created: Mar 29 2021

Local cash is normally the easiest way to pay abroad. However, you’ll need to shop around for a good exchange rate. Unless they’re designed for travellers, credit cards and debit cards are usually expensive to use abroad. Avoid withdrawing money with a credit card, as this can attract steep fees and interest.

Asked By: Joseph Watson Date: created: Sep 30 2021

How much cash should you carry in Europe

Answered By: Adrian Allen Date: created: Oct 03 2021

If you’re in a similar situation, I’d recommend visiting the ATM every few days (or as needed) to take out 100 euros (or 200 as needed) to minimize how much you’re carrying on you. If you have higher fees, I’d limit your cash to 300 euros at one time.

Asked By: Julian Clark Date: created: Feb 19 2021

Should I exchange money before I travel to Europe

Answered By: Louis White Date: created: Feb 21 2021

Avoid (or at least minimize) cash exchange.

In general, I avoid exchanging money in Europe; it’s a big rip-off. On average, at a bank you lose about 8 percent when you change dollars to euros or another foreign currency. A good rule of thumb: The difference between the buy and sell rates should be less than 10 percent.

Asked By: Stanley Roberts Date: created: Jul 19 2021

Where is Discover accepted in UK

Answered By: Bernard Brooks Date: created: Jul 21 2021

The Discover Card website does list the UK as somewhere Discover is accepted (https:/…europe.). It looks like you can use a Discover Card to get cash at any LINK ATM (pretty much all UK ATMs are part of the LINK network), but that would involve paying whatever cash advance fees and interest rates are applicable.

Asked By: Stanley Powell Date: created: Feb 08 2021

How many credit cards should I have

Answered By: James Moore Date: created: Feb 09 2021

The short answer: you should have at least two – ideally each from a different network (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc.) and each offering you a different kind of rewards (cash back, miles, rewards points, etc.). How many credit cards is too many?

Asked By: Aidan Robinson Date: created: Feb 18 2021

Is Discover a Visa or MasterCard

Answered By: Evan White Date: created: Feb 21 2021

Discover is neither a Visa nor a Mastercard. It’s more like an American Express card, but they’re not exactly the same, either. Discover is similar to Visa, Mastercard and American Express in the sense that all four are card networks.

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