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Quick Answer: What Is The Highest KD In PUBG?


What is a good KD in PUBG?

More Than 3/3.5KD Ratio Is A Good KD Ratio That Means You Play Very Well In PUBG MOBILE.

The Average KD of good players is 7 to 10..

Who is World No 1 PUBG?

1. Suk. Suk from PUBG Mobile team Four Angry Men topped the kills chart at the PMGC 2020, with 149 frags. He was also awarded the League Terminator title.

What is a good KD in PUBG mobile?

A good KD player is the player who has KD greater than 3 (i.e. they kill more than 3 enemies per match). Many people refer to low KD players as Noobs (means who have just now started playing the game) and make fun of them.

How do you get high KD in PUBG?

How to increase KD in PUBG Mobile?Stay away from hot zones. It is always a huge risk to drop into hot zones or areas where you have other squads. … Play with your regular squad. There are times when players choose to play matches with random squads rather than their regular squad or friends in PUBG Mobile. … Do not rush unnecessarily.14 May 2020


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