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Quick Answer: What Secrets Did Hiawatha Learn About Beasts?


What did Nokomis teach Hiawatha answer?

Nokomis taught Hiawatha about the wonders around them.

She told him about the stars, the trees, the insects, the birds, the animals, and many other things.

Hiawatha grew up to love them all.

He could talk to the birds and the animals, and they to him..

Who was a Hiawatha?

Hiawatha, (Ojibwa: “He Makes Rivers”), a legendary chief (c. 1450) of the Onondaga tribe of North American Indians, to whom Indian tradition attributes the formation of what became known as the Iroquois Confederacy. In his miraculous character, Hiawatha was the incarnation of human progress and civilization.

What did Pinocchio say in the end?

What did Pinocchio say in the end? Ans. In the end Pinocchio said, “I’m glad to be a real boy. I’ll never tell a lie again.”

What is the theme of Hiawatha the unifier?

There are many things that are valued by Native Americans but from this story it can be concluded that the ideals are that when you work together as a whole you can accomplish much more. Hiawatha created the clans of people and then united them to create the Iroquois.

What does the Hiawatha Belt symbolize?

Hiawatha belts are a type of Wampum belt that symbolize peace between the five tribes of the Iroquois. They depict the tribes in a certain order. The five tribes are in an order from left to right. The Seneca are furthest to the left, representing them being the Keepers of the Western Door.

How did Miss Sullivan help Helen?

Mrs. sullivan helped Helen by teaching her many useful things like patience , communication through hands and giving respect to food and elders , she enlighten her and helped her to overcome every hurdless.

What did Hiawatha call the beasts?

(viii) Hiawatha used to talk to the birds and animals whenever they met. (ix) He came to know their names and all their secrets. (x) Hiawatha used to call beasts his ‘brothers’. 11.

What was pundit’s mother tongue?

TeluguThe next day, Birbal came to the court and announced, “The Pundit’s mother tongue is Telugu!” The Pundit was surprised and accepted that his mother tongue was indeed Telugu.

Did the girl buy a picture book?

Did the girl buy a picture book? Ans. No, the girl did not buy a picture book. She bought a story book.

What secrets Hiawatha learn about beasts?

Answer. He learnt many things from the beast. He learnt their names, how the beavers built their lodges, how the squirrels hid their acorns, how the reindeer ran swiftly and how the rabbit was so timid.

What secrets did Hiawatha learn from the birds?

Hiawatha learnt to love birds and animals from his grandmother. He used to talk to them whenever he met them. Birds and animals also loved him and talked to him. All birds and animals were his friends.

What did the library door say class 4th?

Ans. The library door said, “Come in, come in.”

Why did the cow refuse to get up?

Ans.: The cow refused to get up because she was in a bad mood. Q. … Ans.: The policeman, milkman, grocer, wrestler tried to make the cow move.

How did the pundit challenge everybody?

3. How did he challenge everybody? Ans. He challenged everybody to name his mother tongue.

What did Pandit claim know?

Ans. He claimed to know many different languages. He could speak them fluently.

What present does the mother get from the cow the farmhouse cows?

The ‘delicious gift’ mentioned in the story is the ‘milk and the milk products’ they get from the cow.

What did the carpenter call his puppet?

puppet Pinocchio3. What did he call his puppet? Ans. He called his puppet Pinocchio.

What happens when the day is over?

2. What happens when the day is over? Ans. When the day is over, the moon and the stars shine in the night.


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