Quick Answer: Who Did Vinny End Up With?

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Are Vinny and Francesca together?

“Francesca and I are not dating or romantically involved but remain friends,” he closed.

As for Vinny.

Francesca said she and him were “flirty” with each other on Instagram but, due to living on opposite ends of the coast, things didn’t go any further than that..

Who is Vinny’s ex girlfriend?

EliceaWho is Elicea and how did she meet Vinny? Audiences were introduced to Vinny’s former girlfriend during his intro package of Family Vacation. She was in his Staten Island home saying goodbye to her beau amongst his family members.

Who is Pauly D with now?

Pauly and Nikki have been officially dating for nearly a year now. They made their relationship official when they quarantined together at Pauly’s home in Las Vegas.

Is Pauly D daughter?

Amabella Sophia MarkertPauly D/Daughters

Is Vinny single?

Vinny is the only single roommate on Jersey Shore. As he looks for love again on Double Shot at Love, take a look back at his past relationships.

What happened to Pauly and Rocio?

For a guy who vowed to never fall in love at the Jersey Shore, Pauly D certainly broke his own cardinal rule … well, sort of. During season 2 of Jersey Shore in Miami, the now-world-famous DJ, 39, found himself involved with a woman named Rocio Olea. … To this day, Pauly remains single and ready to mingle.

Is Vinny still with Elise?

Vinny announced that he and the contestant split on June 27. “Unfortunately, Alysse and I weren’t allowed to see each other publicly after filming for 5 months until the finale aired to not spoil the ending,” he explained on Twitter. “Very weird situation to be put in after the finale.

Does Vinny have Girlfriend 2020?

Vinny set his sights on 24-year-old Alysse Joyner from the very beginning of the dating competition show he filmed with fellow Jersey Shore castmate Pauly D. Vinny ultimately chose Alysse to be his girlfriend in the final episode of the show.

Is Pauly D still married to Aubrey O Day?

After meeting on Famously Single back in 2015, Aubrey O’Day and Pauly D. dated for a year and a half but ending up separating in July 2017. … After trying to make things work, sources revealed in 2017 that Pauly D. had decided to end it with O’Day while sources claimed their split to be “a long time coming.”

Is Pauly D dating 2020?

Pauly DelVecchio Introduces Girlfriend Nikki Hall to Jersey Shore Costars | PEOPLE.com.

Are Vinny and Alysse still together 2020?

But despite Vinny’s hesitations during the last few months, he made it clear that he is still open to a romantic relationship with Alysse. “You suck it up for the months that you have to go dark, because you have someone worth waiting for on the other end of it,” he told TheWrap.

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