Superchat, an omnichannel consumer messaging platform, has raised $15.6 million in a round headed by Blossom – Bestgamingpro


Whereas the outage that occurred last year still sends chills down the spines of WhatsApp’s 2 billion users, the same cannot be said for the millions of companies who use it to communicate with their clients. As we all know, messaging across all platforms is a relatively new industry from which a slew of new firms are emerging.

Superchat, for example, is developing an all-in-one messaging platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to communicate with their consumers. And these are the items that are required: According to certain studies, 78 percent of clients abandon a transaction due to a bad experience. In addition, firms in Europe lose €13 billion in sales each year due to poor customer service.

Superchat has received $15.6 million in a Series A round headed by London-based venture capital firm Blossom Capital, with 468 Capital as a participant. That brings the startup’s total funding to $18.8 million.

“Superchat has established a platform that allows small and medium-sized enterprises to exploit the advantages of digital channels and give the absolute best service to even the most discriminating clients,” said Alex Lim, managing partner at Blossom Capital. Despite the tremendous move to digital experienced in the aftermath of the epidemic, the founders and crew understand the specific pain points faced by businesses, many of which are still reliant on email and phone calls.”

According to the company, it collects conversations from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, Telegram, webchat, email, and SMS and consolidates them into a single inbox for the company. Companies get valuable insights into their consumers as a result of this, which helps them enhance sales, among other things. Messages are visible to all team members, who may respond to them.

The platform, which was founded by Yilmaz Köknar and Mika Hally, has mostly served consumers in Germany to date.

“Today’s consumers want and expect to be able to contact companies wherever and whenever it is convenient for them,” Köknar added. This may be a logistical problem for businesses, and it can lead to negative consumer experiences. Within the present status quo, no one wins, but with Superchat, everyone wins.”

Superchat will be up against a number of well-funded competitors in this space, such as Rake, Messagebird, Smooch, and others, so it will be fascinating to watch how it performs.


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