Thanks to TikTokers, the iPod Shuffle has regained popularity – Bestgamingpro

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Despite smartphones becoming able to play music, the demand for dedicated music players has diminished, with the exception of audiophiles who continue to use specific brands and models that can enable lossless audio playing. Even Apple’s well-known iPod has been removed from the company’s website’s navigation bar.

However, it appears that the iPod Shuffle, particularly the second-generation model that came in colourful and vibrant hues, is witnessing a new boom in popularity owing to TikTokers. These TikTokers, on the other hand, aren’t necessarily using these iPods in the way Apple intended, but rather as fashion accessories, with many finding them to be rather good hair clips.

However, we doubt that the increased popularity will prompt Apple to rethink bringing it back. It should be noted that Apple officially discontinued the iPod Shuffle in 2017, and that the only iPod that Apple currently sells is the iPod Touch, which consumers must actively search for.

The iPod Shuffle lasted four generations, and we’ve seen several revisions of the iPod series throughout the years, including the Nano, Mini, Classic, and Touch. So, if you have an old iPod Shuffle laying around and usually wear hair clips, this might be a new fashion piece worth experimenting with.

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