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You’d assume that after all these decades of figuring out how to heat and power our homes, we’d have had it down to a science. However, the overall mechanism for ensuring that your lights stay on and your thermostat remains set at a reasonable temperature is incredibly wasteful. And such inefficiencies resurface in the form of higher electricity bills for homes.

By reality, America’s filthy, obsolete electrical grid costs those homeowners $180 billion in wasted resources, not to mention the environmental damage. With their unique E|ONE, a Combined Heat and Electricity System (CHP) that acts as a home’s all-in-one device for practically all of its heating and power demands, Enginuity Power Systems is confronting that challenge head-on.

To appreciate why the E|ONE is such a leap ahead, it’s necessary to understand the system it’s attempting to replace. The majority of the electricity that powers our homes and companies is currently generated by old-school fossil-fuel power plants.

The combustion of fossil fuels powers turbines that generate electricity, but one of the biggest byproducts of this process is the generation of heat. Unfortunately, about 70% of the heat is wasted, dispersing into the atmosphere and emitting up to 1 gigaton of CO2.

The E|ONE was created by Enginuity to address all of this waste by producing an appliance that could provide heat and power to a home without all of the waste or environmental damage.

The E|ONE is roughly the same size as a typical household hot water heater. It converts natural gas into energy using the world’s first family of production-ready 4-stroke inwardly-opposed piston engines, a system with more than 30 issued or pending patents for its innovation. The E|ONE uses less fuel and emits fewer pollutants than a power plant, supplying enough electricity to power a home and even acting as a backup power source if your neighbourhood utility goes down.

The heat created by the E|ONE process is not lost in the meantime. Instead, it’s distributed throughout the house as a furnace and a hot water heater, providing enough of hot water for showering, washing clothes, and other activities. This on-site power and heat generation can reduce a home’s utility expenditures while also combining a few essential equipment into a single small, revolutionary gadget.

The E|ONE’s efficiency has already created more than just power: it has attracted a large number of followers and supporters. At the National Association of Home Builders’ 2020 show, the unit not only won Best Home Technology Product, Best Energy Efficiency Product, and Best In Show awards, but it also caught the attention of the US Department of Defense, which signed a $4 million contract with Enginuity to develop and build a ruggedized derivative of the E|ONE for use by the US Army.

However, Enginuity is attempting to expand the reach of its invention by launching a StartEngine campaign in the hopes of generating some of its own power in the form of investment funds.


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