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Reports concerning Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup have been circulating recently, with one speculating on a price increase for the Pro and Pro Max models, and another speculating on a huge camera cutout replacing the notch.

Apple will include a circular and pill-shaped camera notch on the front display of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max devices, according to Ross Young, an expert on supply-chain information about screens. It’s important to note that Young believes “the smaller hole will not be invisible.”

Many believe think Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max versions will include a hole + pill design. The smaller hole won’t be hidden… The two-hole idea, like the notch, will be exclusive to Apple, and will not be seen in any of Huawei’s pill devices… Let’s have a look at the fresh renderings. pic. 12th of January, 2022

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This leak might turn out to be false, but Young has an excellent track record, and it aligns with a far earlier leak (and several reports subsequently) that the iPhone 14 series could remove its famous notch design.

According to this rumour, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max’s display will include a dot projector in the smaller, circular cutout and the real front-facing camera, as well as an IR (infrared) sensor, in the pill-shaped hole.

Apple developed its dot projector technology for the Face ID biosecurity feature on the iPhone. It uses millions of dots to create a 3D map of a user’s face, which is subsequently scanned by an infrared sensor.

But why?

Since its introduction with the iPhone X in 2017, Apple’s notch has been a contentious issue, but the company has remained by its design choice with each subsequent phone, including the current MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16.

The notch was one answer to the problem of putting selfie cameras, speakers, and other important electronics on the front of the phone without devoting a whole bar to it and diminishing screen real estate as smartphones fought to shrink their bezels over time.

Other companies came up with perhaps more elegant solutions, such as Samsung’s punch-hole cutout in the top corner of the Galaxy S10 series’ screens, or Realme’s planned under-display camera (if the patent is true).

Irrespective of how well it’s received, Apple’s notch design and form have become iconic, and we’re not persuaded there’s a compelling reason for them to forsake it now – particularly in favour of something that seems to take up a comparable amount of space and is in the same location.

Why not combine the two holes into a single, long ‘pill’? We doubt the short gap of viewable display between the two will be helpful for anything. While we’re at it, Apple might also eliminate the unnecessary gap between this longer ‘pill’ and the phone’s top edge, changing it into a notch!

Given Apple’s efforts to make the notch associated with its mobile devices, we believe it would be foolish to forsake it now unless there’s a very legitimate (and commercial) rationale for the design adjustment.

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