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Researchers have released a study revealing advancements that will pave the way for UltraRAM, a potential new memory technology, to be mass-produced.

The research describes UltraRAM as “a nonvolatile memory with the potential to enable rapid, ultralow-energy electron storage,” according to experts at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom.

UltraRAM combines the non-volatility of conventional data storage memory with the speed and durability of RAM, making it a viable candidate for future use as universal memory.

UltraRAM is a revolutionary technology

There have been a number of efforts over the years to create a memory technology that removes the need for separate RAM and data storage, as documented by our sister site Tom’s Hardware.

Resistive RAM, magnetoresistive RAM, and phase-change memory have all failed to meet their expectations. Last year, Intel’s Optane memory, which was a vaguely related option, was also removed from consumer PCs.

Nevertheless, the initial signals of UltraRAM’s performance are encouraging. According to the article, the memory system can store data for at least 1,000 years and has “switching energy orders of magnitude lower than DRAM and flash.”

“A memory that is quick and non-volatile, with high durability and low-energy logic-state switching, i.e., a so-called universal memory,” the report reads, “has long been regarded as impossible owing to the seemingly conflicting physical qualities such a device would need.”

“Significant progress has been achieved, with new memory devices in small- or large-scale commercial manufacturing, but the trade-off between logic state stability and switching energy persists, just as it does with conventional memories.” The use of InAs quantum wells (QWs) and AlSb barriers to produce a triple-barrier resonant-tunneling (TBRT) structure disrupts this paradigm.”

The concept is obscure, but its relevance is this: the ability to mix RAM and storage memory features might improve performance in a variety of applications, from servers and PCs to gaming consoles and beyond.

According to the authors of the article, work is currently ongoing to optimise the manufacturing process and make other changes, which should raise the possibility that UltraRAM will be able to hit the market at a competitive pricing point, encouraging rapid and broad adoption.

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