What are the four nitrogen bases found in DNA and how do they pair?

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What are the four nitrogen bases found in DNA and how do they pair?

Summary. Base pairs occur when nitrogenous bases make hydrogen bonds with each other. Each base has a specific partner: guanine with cytosine, adenine with thymine (in DNA) or adenine with uracil (in RNA). The hydrogen bonds are weak, allowing DNA to ‘unzip’.

Consequently, what are the four nitrogen bases in DNA and what is their importance?

A nitrogenous base is simply a nitrogen-containing molecule that has the same chemical properties as a base. They are particularly important since they make up the building blocks of DNA and RNA: adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine and uracil.

Similarly, what is base pairing in DNA? noun Genetics. any of the pairs of the hydrogen-bonded purine and pyrimidine bases that form the links between the sugar-phosphate backbones of nucleic acid molecules: the pairs are adenine and thymine in DNA, adenine and uracil in RNA, and guanine and cytosine in both DNA and RNA.

Thereof, how do nitrogen bases always pair?

The nitrogenous bases form hydrogen bonds between opposing DNA strands to form the rungs of the “twisted ladder” or double helix of DNA or a biological catalyst that is found in the nucleotides. Adenine is always paired with thymine, and guanine is always paired with cytosine. These are known as base pairs.

Which nitrogenous base is not found in DNA?


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