What are the two main monophyletic clades of Diapsid reptiles?

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What are the two main monophyletic clades of Diapsid reptiles?

diapsid. Skull possessing both an upper and a lower temporal fenestra (NB. di- = two). Amniotes with this skull condition form the monophyletic clade Diapsida, which includes the lepidosaurs (lizards, snakes, and tuatara), archosaurs (crocodilians, dinosaurs, and birds), and their other extinct relatives.

Also to know is, what is a Diapsid skull?

Diapsids (“two arches”) are a group of amniote tetrapods that developed two holes (temporal fenestra) in each side of their skulls about 300 million years ago during the late Carboniferous period.

One may also ask, what animals have a Diapsid skull? Diapsids are a group of reptiles that developed two holes on each side of their skulls. Living diapsids include crocodiles, lizards, snakes and the tuatara. Did you know? Synapsids were the dominant terrestrial animals in the middle to late Permian period.

Secondly, do dinosaurs have Diapsid skulls?

The reptiles (except turtles)Even the birds are considered diapsids (and hence reptiles), because they are descended from certain dinosaurs (which are also diapsids), and ancestrally have the paired skull openings along with other physical characteristics that unite them with diapsids.

Are turtles Anapsids or Diapsids?

Turtles are among the anapsids, as are many extinct reptile groups. Diapsids have two temporal fenestrae behind the orbit, one superior and one inferior. Groups in this category include the dinosaurs, crocodilians, birds, tuaturas, lizards and snakes.

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