What can parrot fish live with?

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What can parrot fish live with?

BR Parrots are compatible with many fish such as mid size Tetras, Giant Danios, Cory cats or any catfish, Plecos, Kribs, Severums and Angelfish. Convicts are a good choice as well, but be careful of any aggressive issues and the possiblity of a spawn between these two species.

Moreover, should parrot fish be kept in pairs?

Can you keep a single Blood Parrot fish in a community tank or would they prefer to be in a pair? They can live alone but I would suggest a pair. Or smaller fish. They can get aggressive so have lots of hiding spots because they are territoriall.

Secondly, is parrot fish aggressive? Blood parrots should not be kept with aggressive fish, as they are not well equipped to compete for food or turf in the aquarium. Owners have kept them successfully in community tanks with a variety of peaceful fish.

Furthermore, how many blood parrot fish should you keep together?

Keeping Blood Parrot Cichlids TogetherAs long as you have enough space (60+ gallons) you can keep these fish in groups. The more Blood Cichlids you have, the more hiding spots you will need to spread around the aquarium.

What temperature do parrot fish need?

A blood red parrot cichlid can survive in water that ranges from about 75 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower end of this range can leave fish somewhat sluggish and uninterested in breeding. The ideal temperature is between 82 and 84 degrees. This range is usually necessary for spawning.

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