What causes tears in the labia?

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What causes tears in the labia?

A vaginal tear (laceration) is a wound in the tissues of the vagina. It can be caused by damage during sex. Putting a foreign object into the vagina may also cause a tear. Other factors that can make a tear more likely include thinning of tissue in the vagina due to aging or scarring of the tissue due to surgery.

People also ask, why does my labia keep tearing?

Vaginal cuts or tears can occur during pubic hair removal and sexual activity. Vaginal delivery during childbirth can also cause wounds in the tissues inside and surrounding the vagina. Keeping the affected area clean and dry can help the wounds heal and prevent infection.

Also, how long does it take a vaginal tear to heal? seven to 10 days

Also to know, how long does a torn labia take to heal?

Tears to the labia and the perineum take about a week to heal. An episiotomy may take about 2 to 3 weeks to heal. Lacerations involving the anal sphincter can take about a month to heal.

Will a labial tear heal itself?

“[Labial tears] are easy to repair with stitches, but sometimes doctors don’t catch them,” he says. They’ll usually heal on their own. That usually requires stitches, Abdur-Rahman says, and can also take a few weeks to heal.

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