What does a pie safe look like?

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What does a pie safe look like?

A pie safe, also called a kitchen safe, is easy to identify. It is a rectangular cupboard, usually with two doors that have pierced tin panels. Pies and other food items were safe behind the metal doors and kept fresh because air could circulate through the pierced holes.

Beside this, what is a pie safe used for?

The pie safe, sometimes referred to as a pie cabinet, pie safe cupboard, or a pie chest, is a piece of furniture typically used to store pies. In the past, some people also stored meat, perishables, and other items inside of their pie safes. Today, pie safes are more often used to store linens or even kids’ toys.

Secondly, how do you restore an old pie safe? How to Restore an Antique Pie Safe

  1. Clean and inspect the pie safe.
  2. Sand the cabinet, drawers and doors thoroughly, using a heavy-grit sandpaper, and working up to a fine grit.
  3. Apply a commercial paint stripper to those difficult areas.
  4. Inspect the dovetail joints on the drawers for signs of rot or damage.

Similarly, you may ask, what is an antique pie safe?

Pie safes were cupboards used to hold food of all types, and punched-tin panels allowed air to circulate inside while keeping bugs and other pests out. The finish on the cupboard has been stripped of its original patina, and this adversely affects the value.

How does a meat safe work?

Meat Safe. One way of doing this was to use a meat safe: a kind of cupboard designed to store meat and keep it fresh enough to eat. Meat safes are ventilated. They are sometimes made with sides of wire mesh or perforated metal, so that air can circulate around the meat while keeping flies and other animals out.

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