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What does it mean to be walking on air?

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What does it mean to be walking on air?

The phrase walking on air means to feel extremelyhappy.

Keeping this in view, what does the expression in the air mean?

phrase. If you say that a decision or a situationis up in the air, you mean that it hasnot yet been completely settled or planned.

Subsequently, question is, what does to beef up mean? Definition of beef up. informal. : to add weight,strength, or power to (something) Security around the city will bebeefed up during the event. a politician looking tobeef his image up.

Subsequently, question is, what is it called when you float in the air?

Hot-air balloons and blimps can float in theair thanks to buoyancy, an upward force that the airexerts on them.

What does beating around the bush mean?

to talk about lots of unimportant things because youwant to avoid talking about what is really important: Quitbeating around the bush and say what’s on your mind.(Definition of beat around the bush from theCambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge UniversityPress)

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