What does it mean to have a high tolerance for ambiguity?

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What does it mean to have a high tolerance for ambiguity?

Tolerance for ambiguity is the ability to deal with ambiguous situations in a sensible and calm way. Business owners with a high tolerance for ambiguity can normally handle new and uncertain situations with relative ease.

Keeping this in view, what does tolerance for ambiguity mean?

Tolerance for ambiguity can be defined as the degree to which an individual is comfortable with uncertainty, unpredictability, conflicting directions, and multiple demands. In essence, tolerance for ambiguity is manifest in a person’s ability to operate effectively in an uncertain environment.

Likewise, how do you develop an ambiguity tolerance? 4 Ways to Increase Your Tolerance for Ambiguity

  1. Visit a foreign country with an unfamiliar language.
  2. Search for an unfamiliar address.
  3. Visit a church with an unfamiliar religion.
  4. Ask for unique foods off of a restaurant’s menu.

Similarly, why is tolerance for ambiguity important?

Tolerance of ambiguity may allow the person to deal with the ill-defined nature of problems that have creative potential. It may also allow them to tolerate the range of options that should be considered.

What is high ambiguity?

High Ambiguity-Tolerant CulturesA high ambiguity-tolerant culture is not concerned by uncertainty. People from this culture tend to feel comfortable in situations in which they don’t always know what is happening, and they do not avoid these situations.

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