What does the SQL standard say about phantoms and Repeatable Read isolation level?

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What does the SQL standard say about phantoms and Repeatable Read isolation level?

The Repeatable Read Isolation Level. The serializable isolation level provides complete protection from concurrency effects that can threaten data integrity and lead to incorrect query results. The SQL standard specifies that transactions at this level allow a single concurrency phenomenon known as a phantom.

Herein, what is Repeatable Read isolation level?

Repeatable read is a higher isolation level, that in addition to the guarantees of the read committed level, it also guarantees that any data read cannot change, if the transaction reads the same data again, it will find the previously read data in place, unchanged, and available to read.

Additionally, what is SQL Server isolation level? SQL Server isolation levels are used to define the degree to which one transaction must be isolated from resource or data modifications made by other concurrent transactions. The different Isolation Levels are: Read Uncommitted. Read Committed. Repeatable Read.

People also ask, what is a phantom read?

A phantom read occurs when, in the course of a transaction, new rows are added or removed by another transaction to the records being read. The phantom reads anomaly is a special case of Non-repeatable reads when Transaction 1 repeats a ranged SELECT

What is Phantom read in JDBC which isolation level prevents it?

Using JDBC Transaction Isolation Levels

Transaction Isolation Level Description
TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITTED Dirty reads are prevented; non-repeatable reads and phantom reads can occur.
TRANSACTION_REPEATABLE_READ Dirty reads and non-repeatable reads are prevented; phantom reads can occur.
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