What happened between Paul Sr and Paul Jr?

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What happened between Paul Sr and Paul Jr?

The duo, often referred to as “Senior” and “Junior,” severed their business and personal relationship in a 2009 “American Chopper” episode when Senior fired Junior from Orange County Choppers, the bike-building shop at the series’ core. Junior opened his own custom bike-building shop, Paul Jr.

Keeping this in view, what happened to Paul Sr and Paul Jr?

Paul Teutul Jr. has his own businessTensions ran so high at Orange County Choppers that in 2008, Paul Teutul Sr. fired Paul Jr. from the shop, even though he co-owned it. After that series concluded in 2012, Paul Jr.

Similarly, what happened to Paul Sr wife? She was married for the second time with Paul Teutul Sr, an American Entrepreneur and bike modifier in Montgomery, New York. Beth has two sons with Paul too. Beth and Paul separated just after five years in 2012 and officially divorced after three years of their separation during 2015. Beth’s is currently single.

In this manner, are Paul Sr and Paul Jr talking?

Everyone’s favorite motorcycle mechanics — Paul Teutul and his son, Pauly Junior — are working on restoring a 1951 Buick for Season 12 of their hit series, American Chopper. However, getting this father-son duo back together has not been easy. “We didn’t talk for ten years.

How did Paul Jr meet Rachael Biester?

When Paul Jr. met model Rachael Biester on the set of American Chopper, she was acting as a McCuff girl. The two fell in love and dated for two years before getting married on August 20, 2010. However, this was also the same time when Paul Jr.

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