What information is required on a dangerous goods declaration?

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What information is required on a dangerous goods declaration?

Declaration for Dangerous Goods form must provide full name, address, and telephone number of the receiver/consignee. The Air Waybill is the standard shipping document for all shipments of goods by air. The shipper or operator must complete the Air Waybill.

Hereof, what is a dangerous goods declaration?

dangerous goods declaration. Document(s) prepared by a consignor or shipper to certify that the dangerous goods being transported have been packaged, labeled, and declared in accordance with the standard international shipping regulations.

Also, who can sign Dangerous Goods Declaration? The Dangerous Goods Declaration must be signed and dated by the shipper. Other persons employed to act on behalf of the shipper such as consolidators, freight forwarders, and cargo agents may sign the DGD on behalf of the shipper.

Keeping this in consideration, what is the only allowable sequence of information on the dangerous goods declaration?

First Sequence: Identification number, proper shipping name, hazard class, subsidiary hazard class – if applicable, and packing group. Second Sequence: The number and type of packagings and the quantity (gross or – more likely – net).

What documentation must be submitted with a dangerous goods shipment?

There are several documents involved in the shipment of hazardous goods like the MSDS, DG Request, DG Packing List/Declaration, DG Manifest, TREM Card and many more depending on the nature of the goods, country of shipment and receipt, mode of transport.

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