What is a grounding bushing used for?

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What is a grounding bushing used for?

Bridgeport’s grounding and bonding bushings are used to properly bond and terminate service conduits to a cabinet, box or enclosure.

Accordingly, what is the purpose of a grounding bushing?

Insulated Metallic Grounding Bushing provides a means of grounding threaded rigid conduit or intermediate metal conduit (IMC). The zinc alloy bushing with thermoplastic liner is non-corrosive. It is suitable for use indoors only.

Likewise, are grounding bushings required on Transformers? For the installation described in the OP bonding bushings are not required. As George said this is an SDS not a service so the service raceway bonding requirements do not apply. I’ve seen many a bonding bushing on transformers, but if your using FMC they’re serving no real purpose and are not required.

Simply so, what is a grounding bushing?

GroundingBushing: This is a threaded-metal ring with a lug attached, that we screw down tightly onto the end of a threaded-metal conduit, threaded-metal conduit connector, or any other threaded-metal electrical component, such as a metal offset nipple (the kind we might use to connect a meter-base to an electrical

What is a bonding bushing?

When using flexible metal conduit for termination as in a transformer connection, bonding bushing. When terminating in a concentric knockout, bonding bushing. When metal conduit is used as a protection for a grounding electrode and does not terminate at one or either end, bonding bushing.

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