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What is considered a good compa ratio?

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What is considered a good compa ratio?

Typically you may want to see your employees between 75% – 125%. Depending on your company though, the comparatios could average around 86% – 90%.

Also asked, what is a good compa ratio?

“A commonly accepted range for comparatios is 80% to 120%, which in turn can be divided into five zones, ie: 80-87% 88-95% 96-103% 104-111%

Also Know, how do you interpret compa ratio? A comparatio divides an individual’s pay rate by the midpoint of a predetermined salary range. A comparatio of 1.0 means that the employee is paid at the exact midpoint of the range, whereas values higher or lower than 1.0 indicate how they are paid relative to the midpoint.

Herein, what is average compa ratio?

A CompaRatio of 1.00 or 100% means that the employee is paid exactly what the industry average pays and is at the midpoint for the salary range, A ratio of 0.75 means that the employee is paid 25% below the industry average and is at the risk of seeking employment with competitors at a higher pay that is perceived

What is midpoint in salary range?

Some employers establish minimum and maximum salary levels at 75 percent and 125 percent of the midpoint, respectively. For example, if the salary range for an executive assistant is $56,000 to $94,000, the midpoint is $75,000, which means the employee is fully capable of performing all the functions of the job.

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