What is eating my lupins?

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What is eating my lupins?

Lupins are notoriously susceptible to slugs and snails, which never go further than they have to from their retreat. My guess would be that somewhere near the lupin that is being eaten a snail lurks beneath a flowerpot or a brick.

Also, how do I stop snails eating my lupins?

Mix one tablespoon with 5 litres of water. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle, and spray the leaves of your lupins in the evening (when the weather is dry). The slugs and snails will not like the garlic, and so will leave them alone.

Also Know, do animals eat lupines? ANIMAL USESAlthough other lupines have been known to kill animals that eat the plant, this lupine is considered a good food source for cattle. Chipmunks have been known to eat the seed, and squirrels will eat the leaves and flowers.

Besides, what pest eats lupins?

Lupin aphid is a sap-sucking insect in the same group of insects as greenfly and blackfly. It feeds on lupins (Lupinus). Native to North American it has become widespread in Britain since its arrival in the early 1980s.

Should lupins be deadheaded?

Lupines generally bloom from late spring into early to midsummer, depending on the variety. When most of the flowers on a spike have faded and before they’ve dried and set seed, deadhead by cutting the spike off with a sharp knife or garden shears.

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